Opinions about the future of Europe and the current European challenges

V okviru projekta EuroChangeMakers so udeleženci naših srečanj oblikovali mnenje o prihodnosti Evropske Unije in predstavili svoje mnenje o tem, kateri so trenutni izzivi Evropejcev.

When we were searching the web, trying to find inspiration for writing a report »Opinions about the future of Europe and the current European challenges« we came across an article »EU citizens are full of hope for the future of Europe.« And we would like to continue on this positive note.

With all the webinars, seminars, exchanges etc. we feel like young people are being further included in decision making and at the center of its policies in the EU. More and more youth is debating topics such as the rule of law, climate change, health and digital transformation. We feel like the EU is becoming exceedingly transparent and bringing it closer to its (young) citizens. Still, progress can be made.

Projects and participation of young people are vital for a sustainable, social, prosperous and democratic Europe. Youth should be more represented by the current political system and is nowadays often excluded from decisions that affect the future generations. In our opinion, the EU could go a step further and improve youth participation. One way they could reach that is by financing and organizing non-profit institutions that promote fundamental human rights and EU values. The EU should  support and recognise youth organizations as key providers of citizenship education. By all means, youth organizations contribute to personal, social, political and economic development of youth and their communities and can help tackle the key challenges facing Europe

All this  can lead to higher levels of trust in the system and in institutions of representative democracy.

In conclusion, as a part of the EU, youth has to have a voice. Youth should be at the heart of the EU’s efforts to achieve environmentally and economically sustainable development. Good (formal, non-formal) education with a European dimension that  promotes a culture of political participation and integration from the earliest age is the answer to further development of our future.


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